The iLRN 2020 Virtual Conference has now concluded. If you registered for the conference, recordings of many of the sessions are available to you on the respective pages for the sessions on this site (you will need to be logged in to view the content). If you did not register for the conference, please sign up for a free individual membership of iLRN and we will contact you in due course to provide you with details on how you can gain access to the recordings.

Additionally, a highlights reel from the conference is available here.
avatar for Jen Geary, Ph.D.

Jen Geary, Ph.D.

Trident Mediation, Counseling, Arts and Supports Foundation
Alberta, Canada

Jen Geary
https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5025-4987 and

Jen is a director of a provincial (Albertan) not-for-profit organization, The Trident Mediation Counselling and Support Foundation Inc. (TMCSF), which was co-established in 1998. Later she co-established a Canadian national organization: The Trident Mediation, Counseling, Arts and Supports Foundation Inc. (TMCASF), in 2017. The TMCSF and TMCASF team's video link shows our "Home Office" :)

In Canada, our team has linkages, for example, British Columbia and Manitoba. We also are networked with people in the following countries.
AustraliaThe United Kingdom and The United States of America. 
The aspirational and emergent Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights bring together people worldwide to facilitate meaningful change, and they need to lessen challenges in their adoption. One of the obstacles is conflicts between sectors, operational environments, human rights, and implementing changed or novel practices.

Principles under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are touchstones for policy and practice. These principles can support you in identifying and designing workable solutions for tensions at home and in the office.

You have critical needs and aspirations, including and not limited to the following.
Disaster mitigation and managementEconomic and industrial sustainabilityJustice and respect for personsLifelong and virtual (online) education and trainingSafety and security in the workplace and communitySubstantive health and other human servicesVibrant or healing ecosystems
Conflicts have creative and healing potential, often reoccurring and involve different ideas, values and beliefs. The signs of safety model can help manage current and future tensions between others and you. We could discuss this model and explore other tips.

Further reading The TMCSF and TMCASF team's website https://tridentfoundation.net includes blog posts that explore themes consistent with human rights, including the Guiding Principles ranging from conflict management to e-counselling. These posts provide images from different lands and people and mention free pre-mediation services.
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